noun: masturbation (male).
derived from the phrase ‘i am off to pull my p-n-s’. shortened to i’m off for a pullma.
i was h-rny as a sailor home from 6 months at sea, and i couldn’t get a bird as i am so ugly. i ended up having a pullma round the back of the pub, as well as in the newsagents whilst looking at some scagmags.

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  • pull out target

    a tatoo on the lower back of a woman. it serves as a target for which to aim after pulling out. also known as the p.o.t. she has a nice p.o.t.

  • pull shades

    an attempt to conceal an indiscretion, as in pulling down a window shade so no one can see inside. “no you won’t pull shades, miss thing!” — said to a woman on a diet who was caught sneaking chocolate.

  • pull weight

    v.to do a good job of a hard task. to achieve something beyond your capabilities wow ben you really pulled weight in that exam today you’re playing goal tonight? dude, pull weight, that team is good

  • pumpkunt

    b-tchy girls tanned so much they’re orange snooki is such a pumpkunt.

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