pumpernickel fuck

a weird insult when you’re mad
friend: sherry’s cheating on you
me: pumpernickel f-ck!

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  • chollowed

    verb; the odd, misfortune of somehow getting a choad,stuck or lodged in your throat. all the while wondering how the choad, actually got into your oral areas, in the first place. jane,”darling, i had a bit of troubling news today, gregory mentioned to me, you had chollowed mitch at the dance , yesterday evening”.

  • ranch roast

    when a group of black people make fun of a white person bro timmy just got ranch roasted by those dudes

  • fucking pirate style

    when you f-ck a b-tch then c-m in here eye and kick her leg out from under here. then yell argggg bro last night this b-tch was being a total c-nt, so i had to f-cki pirate style. f-cking pirate style

  • the golden drench

    the act of performing oral s-x on a woman (c-nn-l-ng-s) while she is urinating in your mouth. not to be confused with squirting. “last night tommy got the golden drench.” “last night i golden drenched tommy.”

  • gang sliding

    when gangsters roll 4 deep throwing up gangs signs, driving erratically with loud beat trey and his homeboys be (gang sliding) in the low low on sundays.

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