pun intended

added after a pun, a play on words mostly for a comic reception. usually someone adds ‘pun intended’ when the pun isn’t so clear, or to emphasize the pun.
usually in brackets: (pun intended)

see also:
no pun intended npi
when thou hast done, thou hast not done. for i have more. (pun intended)
an expression to clarify the use of a pun in a previous statement. most often employed when a speaker does not trust his audience to recognize the pun on its own.
a pun is its own reword (pun intended).
means no pun intended.
instead of wasting your precious life away with the laborious task of spewing out “no pun intended” the words “unintended” and “pun” have been fused together to create the ultimate word, saving an entire syllable: punintended
witty man: writing with a broken pencil is pointless… punintended!
save the endless amounts of energy i know you use everyday saying ‘no pun intended..’ by combining unintended and pun in to one word.

lulz ensue when people mistake the word for ‘pun-intended’
guy 1. bsgfbsfgb….punintended

guy 2. excellent intentional pun

guy 1. in was unintended. i’m saving syllables
used when someone wants to make a pun more clear.
if n-body drowns at the lake, everything will go along swimmingly. pun intended.

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