jack off!
that guy was a puñatero!

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  • SND (Social Networking Disease)

    any virus or bug that infects your computer due to having too many friends on your social networking site that don’t run the proper security software on either their site or their computer. i caught a nasty snd (social networking disease) on facebook the other day and had to reconfigure my entire system.

  • sneasoning

    pr-nounced: snee-son-ing the fine granules of chewed food that come out when you sneeze with a mouthful of food. john was eating frosted flakes next to me and he shot sneasoning all over my arm. (in response to being sneasoned) thanks for the sneasoning a–shole

  • Sneezalin

    the act of sneezing and sniffling. man, i’ve got this cold. all i’ve been doing is sneezalin!

  • Sneeze Ninja

    a sneeze ninja is an elite, considerate human being who has mastered the quick-tissue-grab move to ensure a splatter free sneeze. to be dubbed a sneeze ninja one must prove that when they feel a sneeze coming on, they will get to their face first with a tissue so their hands stay clean and germ […]

  • Snillion

    a number where the value is determined at the user’s discretion. subject to change every time it’s used. jim: i bet you a snillion dollars that you can’t toss that up and catch it in your mouth! ginger: i just did. you owe me a million dollars! jim: no, i said a snillion dollars. that’s […]

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