Punching The Clown

the act of masturbation. commonly known as jerking off…
since she left i’ve been punching the clown like twice a day.
1.pounding your peter until it pukes

2.pulling your pud

3.spanking the monkey

4.slapping your sh-t

5.manipulateing your genitals
jason got caught punching the clown by his mom.
to grab your p-ck-r and vigorously stroke it back and forth, almost to the point of rugburn. also known as roughing up the suspect.
i caught joe punching the clown while looking at a picture of martha stewart. sick b-st-rd.
the act of repeatidly stroking the beast in a fashion to which others may think you are choking your own genitals.
stop billy!! it looks like you punched the clown into a coma!
yet another term describing male masturbation.
little johnny has been busy all night punching the clown.
describes the act of whacking off: originates from the image of the head of the p-n-s looking like a clowns nose.
-what were u doing in the bathroom for so long?

-punching the clown…
male m-st-rb-t–n, usually the term is used after the inner shoulder muscles are tired.
my shoulders are so tired after punching the clown.

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