when you almost get your hole ripped out by a really big peice of cr-p.
sundays at noon.

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  • punji trap

    pun·ji trap n: when a non asian is invited to hang out by an azn person, and ends up unwittingly getting more than they bargained for: hanging out with multiple azns. (more than 3) “so jin asked me to have drinks with her, and then 4 of her friends showed up. i just got punji […]

  • Punt-Fucking

    a post-intercourse act performed by the male, primarily characterized by a kick to the female v-g-n-. i was punt-f-cking jill last night and my foot got caught in her v-g-n-.

  • puppycup

    extreme cuteness obtained by placing a small puppy inside a cuppy (in a non painful and distressing mannor). anysized puppy or dog will do. insert into cup or and take photo for longer enjoyment as cup imprisonment is not condoned. -dog inside cup- person #1: “zomg! it’s puppy cup!” person #2: here look at this […]

  • pure thong

    adj. something that is great and beautiful, in your favor, cool, etc. all the lights were green on my way home! pure thong!

  • pushing board

    a board, typically a length of 2×4, used to displace a s-xual partner’s adipose tissue during intercourse. “those scratches? they’re from our pushing board!”

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