a nick-name or “pet-name” that some use to refer to, or to call, their boyfriend/girlfriend.
“i love you so much punkin”
“dude, i love stevi, she’s my punkin”
an annoying slang term for “pumpkin”. people say it all the time because they’re too lazy to actually pr-nounce all the syllables in “pumpkin”.
her: i love eating punkin pie.
him: stop saying ‘punkin’. it’s not ‘punkin’, it’s ‘pumpkin’.
a term on endearment for gourds around the world
oh, what a cute punkin. can we carve it mommy?
the sweetest, most beautiful little girl in the world!
i love you punky!
awesome, uber cool, the highest state of coolness. only to be used by punks or stoners
dude, that dealy bopper is so punkin’
1. someone who used to be punk but no longer isnt.
2. someone who is always hungry.
3. someone who will do anything for food.
4. drives hog of war
1. aaa f-ck guys here comes punkins, hide your food.
2. i hear that punkins lets you kick him in the nuts for a chip kebab.
short, rapid dance-like movements.
she likes to punkin, punkin.

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