something controlled by something else.
see avril, george w. bush, etc

a pro pulling a few strings.

won’t worry she isn’t real!
1. a person not capable of forming his or her own ideas. often, the person will adopt a set of ideals and protect them vehemently by ridiculing other peoples’ values.
2. a person being manipulated, whether he he realizes it or not. see: tool
conformists. posers. teeny-boppers. anybody easily impressionable
1. a person that is easily controlled by others.
2. a person that conforms to pointless ideals set by others.
3. a person who changes opinions or views rapidly based on someone else’s views/opinions.
i don’t trust you. you are just a puppet.
an alter ego created on an message board or news group primarily to troll.
did you see that puppet’s post? yes, he started a huge flame war!
to overload on blusher/bronzer type cosmetics, resulting in unattractively firey cheeks.
am i puppet?
1.high school sk-nks who let their 23 year old boyfriends insert their hands inside their nasty “v-g-n-s” in a puppet like fashion.
and enjoy it.
and then tell all their friends.
so they become the subject of ridicule from fetus beaters.
“that sk-nk is a real puppet”
-fetus beater
1. a toy, usually shaped like and animal or human that is controlled by either a hand up its -ss or from strings attached to its limbs and body.

2. an alternate name for a cigarette. orginating from c-ckney rhyming slang. cigarette rhymes with marionette which is a puppet.
1. steven: that’s a cool puppet.
george: there is no such thing as a cool puppet.

2. alex: lash us a puppet man.
sam: fine, but you owe me about fifty bucks in cigarettes.
alex: whatever. i need to suck ash!

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