a word used when you don’t wish to describe something or you can’t remember your answer. this word was chosen because it sounds like it could be anything and everything. a color, a food, an ethnicity, a celebrity, etc…
purblounjicorn is everything and nothing. purblounjicorn is the beginning and the end. purblounjicorn f-cked your mom.

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  • Purple Falcon

    a man who does one or two man luge and usually likes being a buddy f-cker. scott b why are you being such a god d-mn purple falcon right now…wtf

  • purplenuts

    barney the dinosaur’s t-st-cl-s. also: when your nuts are squeezed too hard. baby bop, get off my purplenuts.

  • Pussticles

    an overtly large or swollen pair of meat curtains that protrude from deep within the tool shed at the bottom of the lady garden a saggy minge a mumbler “that chick should clearly not be wearing a bikini. you can see her pussticles from here, they look bigger than my nuts!”

  • Pushed

    a woman who has a child. preferably within the 16-25 age group. you hear about nibs? she pushed. yea, twins. i heard you pushed. congrats, what is the kids name? 1 more definition meaning ugly or not cute at all he’s pushed homie! you looking a little pushed there homie.

  • pussylosopher

    1.anyone who needs a defining answer to the questions that they themselves are unable to acquire, which they do so in a feminine manner. 2. one who philosophizes bout tha pussay. 1. dude, connor is such a p-ssylosopher. always sittin’ under trees and thinkin’ and sh-t. and always with his juicy purse. 2. yo! that […]

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