a boss, or being boss-like. also known as a word for “awesome.”
dude, that is so freakin purden.

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  • Purple Dream

    refers to purple drank (codeine/promethazine syrup mixed with soda and sometimes jolly ranchers) or purple label (a purple strain of marijuana) ay bra you got some of dat purple dream? (referring to the marijuana strain) d-mn homie i’m leanin on that purple dream (referring to purple drank)

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    after you have masturebated a females v-g-n-l area! dude, did you finger that girl cause you totally have pussfingers! man i hope you dont have pussfingers cause that sh-t stinks!

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    it means ” to shut up: put a lid on it, to speak a lot, put a lid on it, u r confused

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