a person full of life and spirit to run wild in their own atmosphere and mind
awesome, pure
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someone who have not had s-x yet; a virgin
she had decided to remain pure until she found that special person in her life and got married.
– an adjective used to describe an action or event that inspires awe in those who witness it.

– if an observer wishes to convey extreme satisfaction from having observed the event, they can emphasis and elongate the vowels in the word so it sounds more like ‘peeewwwaaaaaahhhh!’

– term used frequently on australian golf courses and can be used interchangeably with the word mint.

– antonyms include ‘double!’ and ‘ohneil’
1) will (after hitting gaming winning shot in a game of pick up basketball): peeeewwwwaaaahhhh!
john: what did you say?
will: pure, sorry got excited.
john: peeeeewwwwaaaahhhhhh!
will: …aaaaahhhhhh!

2) golfer 1: watch this shot, it’s going to be pure!
(snap hooks it into a woman’s face on the adjacent fairway)
golfer 2: double! sh-t let’s get out of here.
golfer 1: rub’n’tug?
golfer 2: peeeewwwwaaaaahhhh!
emphasises another word
that’s pure amazin!!
1) in alot of mmorpgs, someone who focuses all thier character’s stat points on a certain skill(s) or area(s) generally to enhance thier ability to pk or pvp. (also know as mutants, like strength mutants)

2) reffering to lots of, 100%, complete, wholesome, clean…
1) i pvp’d some d00d and got pwned, i think hes a pure cuz hes 5 lvls lower than me.

2) d00d, thats pure pwnage!!1!
1) having no impurities.
2) to be 100% authentic.
3) to be undiluted.
lab -n-lysis revealed the substance to be 100% pure cocaine.
an innocent, wholesome person, a virgin, untouched.

girl: louise is so pure it’s endearing.
boy: yeah, it’s sweet.
lots of, very, extremely etc

used by mancunian youths
ee-yah theres pure f-nny in there

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