pus nuggets

a slightly disorder coloring in your p–p, it smells good, looks wrong, but overall it feels great to get out of your system
dude “i just took some gnarly pus nuggets bro”. really?. ye it was amazing :).

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    someone who is very successful in engaging with women. he used to be a p-ssyron but he got married and his wife put a stop to that. i wish i was a p-ssyron like my friend here, then i could date a different girl every week.

  • Pussy Squash

    when a female does does a tea bag. my girl friend got back at me with a p-ssy squash after i tea bagger.

  • Pussy Status

    a dumb girl who is afraid to get her -ss jumped because she doesn’t know how to handle her scandals that chick over there she’s in the p-ssy status

  • put boots to

    beating ones -ss to a pulp im going to put boots to my boss

  • pwnta kinte

    origanlly kunta kinte,from the mini series roots, pwnta kinte is a term used when you dominate another playing in an online game. this meaning is especially effective if the enemie player is black. “oooo, pwnta kinte! get back to the fields”

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