1. random insult
2. “baggy p-ssy”
3. derived from “pusswa”
1. “f-cking pusswaggy!”
2. “err she got pusswaggy!”

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  • Pussycock

    an insult calling u a transvest-te or one that is not of known gender. your a little p-ssyc-ck! refers to a significantly small p-n-s. so small it may even be mistaken for a cl-toris. can also be used as an insult toward any cheap whining b-st-rd that p-sses you off when you hear their squealing […]

  • pussyleg

    a female body part located where her genetal area and thigh meet. (some males have them but it is rare)a persons p-ssyleg can range in size from 1 to 2 inches, to their entire thigh. note that a person can only have one p-ssyleg, it is usually on to thier dominant leg. a p-ssyleg will […]

  • pussy movie

    another name for a p-rno im going to blockbuster to see if they got any p-ssy movies

  • Pussy Pom Poms

    (n.) the p-ssy pom pom is when an all natural female wears a bathing suit unable to contain her v-g-n-l thicket. this generally results in half the bush hanging out either side like pom poms. more oftenly found on the elderly crowd and hippies. “check out that gilf with the p-ssy pom poms, i’d like […]

  • Put A Jacket On

    to calm down, f-ck off, stop being a pr-ck, or anything of the sort. lucas: “rob was getting p-ssed at jim so i told him to put a jacket on” james: “good call”

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