a mustache that is saturated with v-g-n-l secretions. it is often left in the mustache for several days so one may inhale the fragrance of their partner.
when gary came out of the poonranatangwh-r-s bedroom he sported a fresh pustache.
a v-g-n-l hairstyle.
that chick has a handlebar pustache.
similar to the bacon strip only horizontally located.
i think she puts wax in that pustache.
a mustache mouth that resembles a p-ssy.
yuck, go shave that nasty looking pustache off you’re face before someone sticks their d-ck in it.
oddly trimmed pubic hair above the woman’s p-ssy, that is horizontal rather than vertical. acts as a border into the fun zone.
“i had to trim my pustache today”

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