put that in your pipe and smoke it

“please contemplate my arguments against your delusions.”
“i do not contest the idea that free trade stimulates economic growth. but such growth may be short term for the nation with higher per capita income as rising unemployment, due to displaced workers, lessens demand on goods and services. have you also considered the policies of the trading partner? we don’t want to exacerbate child labor or global emissions of toxic chemicals do we? put that in your pipe and smoke it.”
means to tell the person you are engaged in conversation with to ponder that.
” well trust me, i know your siter is a tramp, so why dont you put that in your pipe and smoke it”
it is a command which compels the person it is directed towards to not respond to my last comment for it has settled the dispute
“look, you can say what you want about me, but your girlfriend is a wh-r-, that’s why the whole hood banged her, now put that in your pipe and smoke it.”
instructions describing the proper sequence of one of the common methods of ingesting marijuana. in such form it can be broken into two steps.

step 1: put that (marijuana) in your pipe.

step 2: smoke it.

it should be noted that these instructions leave out the critical steps: attain marijuana, pull out the seeds in your cheap–ss sh-t, and use the lighter to enflame the illegal substance.
person 1: “hey man, what should i do with this marijuana?”

person 2: “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

person 1: “i still don’t understand.”

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