1: v. a celebration, often sporadic in nature, in which an individual has overcome an obstacle that causes a great sense of pride. woot, woo-ha!, yeah(see definition 2), any variation of f-ck (especially f-ck yeah), and similar meaning phrases may be included, as well as wailing upon various objects and/or people without definite purpose.

2: n. an unseen -j-c-l-t–n due to an overwhelming excitement.
1: male gamer: “oh, f-ck yes, woo, woo, woo!” (male gamer -ssaults monitor, keyboard, and mouse with flailing hands) (pwngasm as an action)

2: male gamer leaps out of seat as it performs odd, aggressive motions with its body, as if -j-c-l-t-ng (pwngasm as an idea)

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