an dogmatic and inexperienced programmer who is a staunch advocate of the python programming language for anything and everything. usually, these people tend to believe they are worthy of the t-ttle “developer” or claim that their language is better than every other language to the point of insult.

pythonistas are usually identified by having a macbook, stickers, and a constant rant about how much basic (or any simple beginner’s language) is “sh-t.” other common attributes include:

ranting how expressive a language who’s motto is “there should only be one and preferably only one way to do things.”

having no fundamental understanding of data structures, control methods, concrete mathematics, algorithms, best practices, and efficiency.

a fierce hate for anything developed or created by microsoft or java just “because” (justify your hate you bandwagoning pr-ck).

claiming that python is the most innovative and under appreciated language in existence.

building a start-up to solve a problem that does not exist (and never will).
average computer user: hey man, we were all going to collect these measurements and do a quick plot in excel.
pythonista : excel! what are you – a noob? we totally have to plot these data sets in python because that’s what real data scientist use.
average computer user: well, i don’t know python and i really don’t want to complicate matters any more than what they need to be… i have two test tomorrow and i really need to study for –

pythonista: well, fine. i guess i’ll show you how it is supposed to be done!

– imports matplotlib only to find out that it does not work with 3.x. spends hours find out how to debug it because pythonista philosophy does not allow prepacked distributions such as anaconda (those are for newbs). finally figures out that the issue in one of the directories and a simple one liner. –

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