people you want to impress
impress the pywti

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  • pink wood

    most commonly in the south, shroom-headed in form. p-n-s. girl, dat pink wood done got my p-ssy whipped.

  • shom long doobly

    a long black p-n-s person a: you got a baby d-ck person b: nah boi i got that shom long doobly

  • eye power

    a term created in the singapore army probably during bmt (basic military training). anyone using eye power is someone standing around using just their eyes to help out. i.e. pretty much doing nothing to help. ay you want to help or not? you eye power only sia.

  • critfinyti

    a perv, not a sl-t. in this case, big difference man, what a critfinyti

  • bibble w*ng

    when you make plans 3 weeks in advance, just to have a friend get sick and cancel. “zac totally bibble w-nged us. now wye have to go bowling without him.”

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