what ghetto people use when typing to replace “g”.
i’m qoinq out later and qettinq drunkk as h-ll and smokinq crack cause im a niqqa.

q by the quran
fact “q” is the only letter that does not appear in any of the names of the 50 states in america.
(but a 51 star flag has been designed in case of a 51st state actually ever joining the union:)
texas boy:,”why are there no q’s in america?”
daddy:”there ain’t no ‘q’ueer in cowboy and i don’t care for anyone suggesting there is.”

a quarter of one ounce, about seven grams.
do you have any of that leb hash left? i could do with a q if possible.
powerful foe from star trek.
1. the bald, old scientist in the james bond movies who always had the coolest inventions but none of the girls. 2. a hi-tech nerd with no game.
nate byrne is the ultimate q.
a o with a fancy tail
an alien in the star trek universe. he is omnipotent and can make items (and even people) appear and disappear just by snapping his fingers. he is fascinated by humans, especially captains jean-luc picard and kathryn janeway
q: ah, mon capitaine!
picard: q! what the h-ll are you doing here?

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