texting term for:
question for you
hey teena, i have a q4u

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  • fitnit

    a person that is all about fitness and always post things on social media about it man that dude is just a fitnit but he needs to stop posting stuff

  • stinky feet fart liking sc*m dump

    smells like farts sc-m dump has stinky feet looks like a turkey you are a stinky feet fart liking sc-m dump

  • micromaningitis

    noun(n)- micormaningitis is a serious disease usually -ssociated with managers, supervisors, or people who think they are managers or supervisors where they can never let the people under them work with no interruptions and have to manage and check every thing that their workers do as often as possible. quite frequently this disease causes anger […]

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    mr.fys or mr.finesseyourshordy is a good guy along with his partners he goes around finessing other men’s shordys like it’s nothing it’s not just a saying it’s a movement girl:is that mr.fys coming over here guy:yea babe let’s go girl : coming guy : oh no here it comes girl: * gets finessed*

  • plug and slug

    when a couple of any gender has a large opportunity to have loud s-xual intercourse in a public area such has a rest room or closed down store. man: i want to plug and slug you right now woman:i want you to plug and slug me man: i will make you scream so loud woman: […]

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