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  • piranhamous

    a really hot girl with an evil side my girlfriend is an eye catcher until you see her piranhamous att-tude

  • lone urb

    a lonely desperate and needy person who adds their own name to the urban dictionary and clogs up all the options under “vote” section of urban dictionary. these lowlifes and attention seeking sc-mbags usually make things up and exaggerate the truth because they have no friends, no social skills, and need the acceptance of ud […]

  • merchant maureen

    a coined term used by anti-feminist commentator, marc rudov, who descirbed “merchant maureen” is a synonym of a “gold digger”. “a merchant maureen is when a lady drops her anchor for a man’s wallet in her own desires…” — marc rudov, no harmony without equality

  • welch banger

    a lit -ss party that only a select few can enter. real n-gg-s only! el guy 1: “yo, did you hear about the welch banger last night it was crazy!?” el guy 2: “yeah, i got kicked out because i wasn’t cool enough to go so i called the cops”

  • aromatic smake

    (noun): a group of students ranked top tier of their school academically and socially – can be commonly referred to as “david’s w-ng” or “tiger is my daddy” d-mn b-tch. have you heard of aromatic smake? it’s only the group chat with the hottest f-cking people in it. those who may or may not have […]

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