the most beautiful man you’ll ever meet, he is so s-xy, beard on fleek everything on fleek.
bushra: is that qaiys?!
shazia: yeah boo! isn’t he so s-xy

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  • jebby poo

    a girl that has a very large p-n-s, but no one really knows wow i never knew that josh has a jebby poo as a girlfriend.

  • rock pound

    otherwise known as fist b-mp. when two people ‘pound’ the front of their fists against each other. to fist b-mp with particular intensity. “yah dewd, we’re totally on the same wave length! rock pound it!”

  • safety zone bae

    a girl u see once a week , usually caters to your emotional needs, always dtf . she is somewhere u feel safe s-xy smart and in control alina is my new safety zone bae

  • pull a ricegum

    when you take or break someone’s phone or -ssault someone, because they took a picture/video of you, that you don’t like. “hey man if you don’t delete that, i’m bout to pull a ricegum”

  • eduma

    a r-t-rded radiology student’s term for swelling of the extremities. the patient in the er had a lot of eduma in the right ankle.

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