australia’s national air carrier. the name in full is “queensland and northern territory aerial service”.
whenever we fly interstate in australia, we choose to fly with qantas.
the national airline of australia. also one of the safest. stands for queensland and northern territory aerial service.
it’s spelled qantas, not quantas, b-tch!
the airline of australia with no registered casualties. it stands for queensland and northern territory aerial services. it is mentioned in the movie rainman where dustin hoffmain complains of airlines being unsafe but not qantas.
tom cruise: ‘we would have to fly to…melbourne, australia to catch a flight on qantas.
acronym- quiet and not taking-off anytime soon
not flying qantas
the main airline of australia.
an acronym of something.
“i’m flying by qantas tomorrow”
acronym: “quite a nice take-off, any survivors?”
1. an australian airline that has had about 50 planes crash and/or malfunction in the last week.
2. something unreliable, dodgy or given to malfunctioning.
3. something destined to fail/break/crash/etc.
1. are you flying qantas? haha. good luck, man. you’ll need it!
2. ugh! this plasma screen is qantas!
3. my marriage is qantas 🙁

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