there aren’t any definitions for qatarded yet.

can you define it?

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  • annaleah

    anna-leah’s are often shy. but when get closer to them, it’s like you found your long lost sister! a lot if the time anna-leah’s are very caring. if someone gets hurt right next to her, she would say sorry, and help the person up. most of the time, anna-leah’s aren’t sporty, and they wouldn’t dare […]

  • wried

    a guy who doesn’t know how to love anyone did u see john? he’s a wried!

  • duc quan thic dic

    a vietnamese man with an unfortunate name. his brother is phuc yu tu, and his cousin is suc mai dic. duc quan thic dic, phuc yu tu, and suc mai dic, were all close friends with the dearly departed captain sum ting wong, wi tu lo, ho lee f-k, & bang ding ow.

  • speshy

    a very important and special inanimate object, often a blanket, that provides comfort for people of all ages. don’t judge me, i love my speshy.

  • bryce carter

    the most g-y person on the planet. he will let your f-ck him hard in the -ss for free, and if you are lucky he will pay you! his sister is super hot and he is stupid you are almost as g-y as bryce carter!

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