queen b-tch
you are the qb of all the b-tches (squash b-tches).
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1.queens bridge
2.quarter-back (foot ball)
3.qb nation (mobb deep, c-n-n, shan, nas, poet, kamikaze, killa kid
nature, cormega, brave hearts, foxy etc.)
“i’m reppin’ qb till i die”
queensbridge (housing projects in queens, ny)
qb stands for quadruple b (b.b.b.b), which stands for big black booty b-tch.
n-gg-1: d-mn that rihanna looking girl is a qb!!
n-gg-2: dayumm n-gg- i’d tap tat sh-t
n-gg-1: h-ll yea negro lets tap that qb together

n-gg-2: nyuuuuugggguuh!
n-gg-1: i feel ya n-gg-

-2 minutes later-
n-gg-3: dayum n-gg- did you see that qb?
whiteboi: i love qbs
quit b-tching
rick: i really miss my girlfriend.
bubba: qb
queensbridge, queens, new york.
housing projects.
ron artest wears 96/93 for queensbridge.

throwin’ p-sses from a barrel, shoulder pads, apparel
but the qb don’t stand for no quarterback.
it is a emoticon i created hoping to replace b) the new one inculdes a hat
person1: dude im cool like this qb)
person2:-m-ffled talking- loser

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