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can you define it?

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  • shopping spree gamer

    this is a gamer who uses a lot of money on in-game purchases. dude stop being a “shopping spree gamer”. mom is about to delete your account.

  • dead zeppelin

    this describes elderly rock stars performing long past their prime years. look at that geriatric band, l call them dead zeppelin!

  • marlayah

    the most beautiful looking loving vibe you’ll ever find marlayah is amazing

  • load of hogwash

    a load of hogwash refers to food fit for swine. as a matter of speech, the expression means nonsensical or unintelligible stuff that someone uses to explain for why things happen. to give it body, it is food fit for domesticated pigs generally called swine. reliable workshops will tell you a refrigerant top-up service is […]

  • clinton high school

    the worst school in the history of all schools. it’s full of wh-r-s, f-ck boys, and sn-bby b-tches. you have no excuse to go there. person 1: she’s a sl-t. person 2: she must go to clinton high school.

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