glibness and superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, cunning/manipulative, lack of remorse, emotional shallowness, callousness and lack of empathy, unwillingness to accept responsibility for actions, a tendency to boredom, a parasitic lifestyle, a lack of realistic
loser: watch out, qordarien has a gun!!!!

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  • the cigarette b*tts

    a group of friends who all smoke cigarettes almost all the way down to the b-tt. and just mess around and cause trouble man 1: did you see them kids go out to the parking lot man 2: yeah that’s the cigarette b-tts. they always do that sh-t

  • kraked pepper

    a c-cktail containing kraken spiced rum and dr. pepper i don’t remember drinking any kraked pepper last night.

  • canadian blowtorch

    when a male and female are having intercourse and the male covers his d-ck in maple syrup. brandon: sally why does your p-ssy have syrup in it! sally: andrew gave me a good ol’ canadian blowtorch yesterday.

  • giardi

    a ugly girl that has depression and everyone hates her she is fat and a piece of sh-t. giardi is a piece of sh-t and a c-nt

  • muddy snowflake

    -n-s or b-tt hole i would eat that muddy snowflake

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