a smart creature that knows how to be the very best.
the wild qorlop found a dead man.

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  • habooshki

    when someone kicks another person in the crouch. if they have a p-n-s, when hit the p-n-s will turn into a v-g-n-. if they have a v-g-n- they will have a really deep v-g-n-. this kid habooshki’d me in the p-n-s so that’s why i have v-g-n- now.

  • popswickle

    when you’re light skinned and can’t fight. that dude is a popswickle.

  • ready whip

    a p-n-s that is ready to -j-c-l-t- at a moments notice. my man has a true case of ready whip, ready to blow anytime i need it to.

  • punortunity

    when the opportunity to insert a pun into an ongoing conversation. d-mn, i missed a punortunity there. so many puns.

  • saudeya

    there aren’t any definitions for saudeya yet. can you define it?

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