qt patootie

glimmer is such a qt patootie. glimmer#11361

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  • franticnorthz

    a cool -ss dude who is a d-mn savage when things are about to get lit d-mn, dude you are such a d-mn savage. franticnorthz

  • sanic speed

    sanic speed is when you or somelne goes su fast it rips apart all time and existence and if you were to run sanic speed you will hear sonic the hedgehog green hill zone ear rape music yo he goin sanic speed m8

  • pikachooing

    when someone sneezes like pikachu “kachoo” “haha, you like pikachooing

  • frelixed

    annoyed by, insulted, or roasted i keep getting frelixed by my friends so i dropped em.

  • hallix

    only the best guy you could ever meet! good looking, kind, and also good at building in geometry dash…….. hey look, its all our best friend! hallix!

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