adj., a word used to describe anything b-tchin’awesome or better than having a threesome with amgelina jolie and lyndsay lohan (mmmmmm mmmmmm good).the precedent was set by adam sandler that blue ducks are quacktastic.
p–ping on a girl’s chest and sticking a flag in it and claiming her for the united states is quacktastic!
something that’s not fantastic, but you feel as though you need to be a sarcastic -sshole and, at the same time, avoid having to fake your enthusiasm.
your friend: “hey! i just got a new achievement on xbox live!”
you: “oh…that’s…quacktastic.”

your mother: “honey, i bought you a few new shirts from jc penny’s. i hope you like palm fronds and pineapples!”
you: “thanks, mom…that’s quacktastic.”

a kid: “hey mister! guess what?? i can count to 50!”
you: “that’s quacktastic.”

similar to awexome, but not as strong.
suggested use: when describing fhqwhgads the duck/dragon.
fhqwhgads is quacktastic!

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