a mystery man. a guy who has lots of secretes…
he’s so quiet typical quaden

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  • wh*r*s mouth

    a female whose lip region is marred up by cold sores and scabs. i have got to get some herpecin on my lips soon. prom is next week and i can’t go with wh-r-‘s mouth.

  • panicdotal

    an unreliable story or excuse created under duress in the moment of panic. he was so frightened he lied, creating a panicdotal story.

  • d*ck slickem

    a male that shaves his entire genital, taint and -n-l region smooth as a baby’s bottom. there’s a lot of d-ck slickems at the gym showers today.

  • truck tire

    slang for same s-x relationship. look at those two male truck tires kissing at the ice cream place.

  • dude she laughed my d*ck out

    when you are b-lls deep and make her laugh so hard, your d-ck gets pushed out. “so how was last cherry?” “f-cking incredible. although at one point i cracked a joke, and …. dude she laughed my d-ck out.

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