someone who just loves to be silly and crazy.
your girlfriend has quagswag man.

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  • in range

    to be the same age for dating or in the same area. tristan: so dustin, are you and mckynzie dating? dustin: nah dude, shes not in range

  • jeremyball

    a smart man with a p-n-s the size of the moon jeremyball contains huge p-n-s

  • g*y s*x movie

    what brice gaylor watches on sat-rday night “i’m so h-rny” netflix and chill b-tch netflix-s-xual-gay-gay s-x movies

  • mahish

    ceremoniously crowned king. studious , intelligent , jovial by nature my name is mahish

  • dummy consistent

    the act of being extremely good at a video game on a regular basis. more importantly in compet-tive play. we won the black ops 3 tournament because our team was dummy consistent.

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