n. an undescribible quality found rarely in men. the ability to attract numerous amounts of women at the same time, but never get in trouble for it.
“jerry’s qualm helped him get through junior year with a smile.”
to have an altercation with a certain topic relating to doing something for ones younger sister
“hey sam, can you drive me to deans house”
“dean! who’s this dean?”

“a friend”
“i got no qualms with that”
adj. when a man is not gay but just doesn’t like girls in that he finds them attractive but not as a necessity. however not in an as-xual sense, a qualm person just does not put forth the effort or time into getting a girl.

usually describes a goodlooking guy that could get girls but just doesn’t.
d-mn, that dude could get so many b-tches if here weren’t so qualm.
to smoke a cigarette

from the german: “qualmen”
i’m gonna go qualm a kipper/cigarette.
qualm is derived from the lynd cross and is commonly used as a term to say lets do it, lets sort it out, basically just lets get on it.the word can be used in many forms either when discussing buying something, organising a night out, something s-xual, etc.
for example, lets go to the pub- lets qualm the pub or when inviting a lady friend back it is used in this sense- lets qualm it back to mine (please note this works 9 times out of 10)

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