she is a nice person who don’t care if u cheat because she can bag who eva she want and she is a loyal friend and she is very s-xy and she is attractive
u see her i like her

me:dats quanjanae

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  • sushrim

    savage man who gets good grades but holds back from snapping. “yo, sushrim is a cool dude.” “yaar, sushrim has a 4.0 gpa.”

  • stepped in the wrong hood

    lil foo tryna scr-p not know in where they steppin nd get merked whatcha want cuddie? u stepped in the wrong hood dawg this aint fa u!

  • hot probably

    when your answer is contingent on someone else’s response him: are you coming over for easter ? me: i’ll give it a hot probably depending on if eliott is.

  • rahele

    1.a persian name which means traveler. 2.someone who is beautiful and happy i wish i could be like rahele

  • veriko

    the s-xiest of georgian names makes everyone in the neighborhood blush! usualy very flirty veriko is a flirt

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