an amazing person who will always be doubted but will be smart and strong
i am quantrail

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  • b*n*r lips

    crusty old lips that are harder than a rock. tend to be difficult to kiss and mostly found on h-rny little boys isaiah had b-n-r lips and i could not kiss him anymore

  • cein

    cein’s normally have sandy blonde or dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes and they are an average height. they are funny, awesome, thoughtful, a total goof and a great friend to have! they have many talents which normally are sports (soccer, soccer baseball etc), hilarious impressions, making people smile and just being amazing. they are intelligent, […]

  • lordt

    a new dumb -ss slang word for lord but in a weird “oh my jesus” kind of way if someone was to text ” they serving free dunks at the club” you would text back “lordt!”

  • coasterism

    the act of worshipping rollercoasters. i practice coasterism because it’s my religion.

  • everyone ing

    when you use @everyone excessively in a discord chat. stop everyone-ing in this channel! hey tom, did you see that guy everyone-ing early? can ban you him?

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