quantum express

only the coolest and fastest shuttle at the university of louisville.
aahwhatin h-lly h-ll?

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  • Quantum fail

    a fail that, when examined extremely closely, fails in a very different and surprising way to the one expected. reflects the strange behaviour of subatomic particles when observed. the contract seemed reasonable, but when i examined the small print i realised it was a quantum fail.

  • spazdaq

    spazdaq is the name of a very powerful tyrant known only to those of dilly land. with striking good looks and vast intelligence, he owns you all. synonyms: g-d. vanilla ice. spazdaq > you.

  • spaz munter

    someone who is different, weird or just plain stupid. it’s an insult but in a good way. “i’m such as spaz munter, i just spilt c-ke over my shirt!” “sarah thinks paul is a spaz munter, he’s so stupid sometimes!”

  • spearside

    on the male line of the family (from spear + side); the spear was the traditional and typical male instrument in hunter-gatherer societies. distaffside no dear, that was inherited from your great-aunt spearside

  • spearsin'

    when a person shows eratic behavior. marcus:what ever happened to james? jamal:shoot, homie was spearsin’ now he up in the pen. marcus: d-mn he gonna end up like britney.

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