being a cl-ssic queer.
jason is being a qu-ssic f-ck.

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  • venezuelan sh*t tunnel

    when two men are having alternate -n-l intercourse with a woman and one man takes the fecal residue from his p-n-s and covers the other man’s p-n-s with it before he engages the -n-s. tammy was hoping to experience her first venezuelan sh-t tunnel while on holiday in thailand.

  • litimegitimate

    to be so lit that it’s at the point of being super legit. prounounced; lit-em-mej-it-ta-mit this party is incredibly litimegitimate, dude

  • dubai american academy

    full of millionaires who take their helicopters to school. have you seen where all those rich kids are flocking? dubai american academy. hey where’s harry? his helicopter got caught up

  • that aint half

    somethings that’s not bad person a: “whats for lunch?” person b: “beef tips over seasoned noodles” person a: “that ain’t half”

  • late night sn*tch

    crusty pu-nannie n-body got time for some late night sn-tch.

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