queen of hell

queen of h-ll aka spam queen, blea, darky is someone you don’t want to f-ck with. she will f-ck you with a knife in the -ss while listening to cannibal corpse. she loves to spam peoples rooms by raping image bot and ud bot on palringo. if your name is vap, punisher or casey she will kill you on sight. king of h-ll is her favourite person because he’s the coolest motherf-cker ever, want to know about him look up “metal king dax”
if you talk to queen about gore, she will like you. if you enter any room on palringo that she’s in, she will tell you to “gtfo”
“queen of h-ll will burn the earth.”
queen of h-ll also known as spam queen, blea and darky. she will kill you with a smile on her face and listening to some awesome death metal band. if you’re vap or punisher, she will hate you instantly. if you bring a bot near her, she will spam it. she’s a bot rapist. she is also a noob at gaming. if you see her, stay away she’ll f-ck you up to the point where you wish you could die. oh, she’s also a lurker.
“cities burn wherever queen of h-ll lurks”

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