directly proportional to the tightness of a mans leather pants.

bon jovi
ian devine is a tid bit queerish

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  • fuckcocker

    some one who is extremely disliked. danny walks through the door and his girlfriend aiyatt screams, “f-ckc-cker!”

  • grossman

    when a quarterback has a bad game in last nights game, drew brees really pulled a grossman out there. in american football, the act of a quarterback dropping back to p-ss, and then fumbling the ball away, particularly in an important situation. my niners would have won last week if only alex smith hadn’t pulled […]

  • queerjar

    a container in which one places money into after the successful -ss kicking of a c-ck mongral. the queer jar is almost full again. i can’t believe it only took a week to fill it up. money in the queerjar, is money well spent.

  • Queer jenga

    when two males play a gay “version” of jenga using jalepenos. a player an also be refered to as a burner buddy. 2 player game where each player takes turns shving jalepenos in each others -ssholes. first person to break a jalepeno in there -ss is the loser.

  • Queerlock

    a gay warlock or wizard. “harry potter and the queerlock rebellion” features some material that may not be suitable for children.

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