lead guitarist for the quels. the greatest guitarist to every live. rocks out with his c-ck out. james hetfields long lost brother. has a six-pack . lifts. kicks -ss. does 200 sit ups a day
quel is a shred master. notable events- 1. shred fest , 09 2. lifting 3. rocking 4. practicing last- listen to metallica, slayer, testament , and megadeath.
a proposed new letter to be added to the english alphabet. represented by the character þ.

the only use for þ is when translating the sound a modem makes while connecting into english, similar to the hissing of a feline with phlegmy throat.

can be compared to gutteral noises found in the arabic language. (possible semetic roots?)
gayaal: what does the modem have to say?
tim: beeeeeeeeeep þþþþþþþþþþþ (quel) beep.

arab: þþþþþþþþþþþþ muhhamed jihad -boom-
short for “raquel” (if you’re ridiculous), quels are a typical breed of woman that love to stir up sh-t. specifically sh-t g-d would not approve of. they are true hypocrites and will never realize it. no one will stand up to her because she’s hypnotically pretty and clever with words, kind of like a psychopath. stay far away from her, especially if you’re a man, unless you would like to be extremely screwed up after she has her way with you.
girl: have you seen brad lately? he’s not the same… in a bad way. he’s super depressed.

boy: yeah, it was quel. she cheated on him with everyone in town and gave him syphilis. what a b-tch right?

girl: wow, that’s horrible. i’ll warn everyone to stay away from that quel.
kewl. the quel way of spelling kewl (aka cool)
omg kirstie, you are so quel.

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