a line for waiting.
you are in queue.
noun (french) – slang for c-ck. literal meaning is tail.
puis-je sucer ta queue? (can i suck your c-ck)
to share something of insignificant value that is consumed, as in cigarettes, beverages, etc. this is usually done with two or more friends, but it is possible to “queue” with just one other person. this doesn’t really apply to food per say, because with food you’re kind of just sharing.
we should queue up a cigarette.

let me queue some of your apple soda

a list of “potentials”. as with any netflix queue, “potentials” can easily move up and down in the queue. some you end up watching once and then return, others you hang onto for a while, some never get to the point where they enter your “mailbox”. what’s important is to have a good number of members in the queue – ideally of different genres. some members should be action flicks, others romance, and its always good to have a few members that are just there for a good laugh.
1. mary: “oh man, joe p-ssed me off last night. time to rearrange the queue.”

2. susan: “i’m suspending my membership – i just want to watch ben’s movie over and over and over again – it is my favorite movie everrrrr!”
jane: “can i borrow it?”
susan: “no!”

3. maria: “dammit, last night i made out with justin in front of half my queue.”

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