one pound (100 pence) in british sterling (gbp). can refer to the actual denomination (a goldish looking coin, about a centimetre and a half across), or any amount in sterling. in very common use, all across the uk.
“that’ll be a quid mate”
“that’s going to set you back about 3, 4 hundred quid”
one pound in english money.
u could get that wh-r- for a quid
a singular unit of currency, once recognized only as the british pound (100 pence) but now widely used in place of the word dollar, pound, peso, et cetera.
man: i’ll give you twenty quid.
wh-r-: sorry, mate, that’s not enough to get in my boot!

british for money. it means pounds, yeah?
‘ere, sell us some f-gs’
‘that’ll be five quid’

cigarettes are so overpriced, y’know?
an english pound, their currency
i need twenty thousand quid for my new car
it’s when you sit on the toilet and you think that your going to have a little bout of diarrhea… but when you go to push it out… “ohhhh… my god!!!”… it just sprays out liquids like it was under 3000lbs of pressure… or like a fire hose fully charged… it sprays so hard that the toilet water actually splashes up onto your back side…
oh my god… i think i’m going to have the quids… everyone run…

in regards to the drug salvia, taking the salvia leaves and rolling them into a ball. this is known as a quid and is chewed on for 15 minutes, instead of being smoked as usual.
person 1: lets get baked tonight.

person 2: i’m getting tested on the 10th, but i prepared some quids for us to take.

person 1: allright, i guess i’m up for trippin b-lls out.

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