some stupid word jlr made up for poe cl-ss

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  • kahgoe

    kahgoe means to f-ck n-gg-s hoes . don’t trip off b-tches . get money and spend that sh-t, f-ck them hoes who ain’t wanna fw me , and all my exs can smd 🔥 i wish i was kahgoe , because i am depressed to f-ck n-gg-s b-tches. get money and spent that sh-t the […]

  • it's a good life

    a saying that a person will say if the conversation isn’t going well, or if he/she doesn’t have anything else to say because you left them having in the conversation. “yeah, that was fun.” “yep.” “…it’s a good life.”

  • dawn of titans

    a game that sucks your soul while sucking your wallet dry. the developers are so d-mn dumb they don’t understand any language, so don’t try to ask. just play the game and enjoy being dry f-cked daily. gryph played dawn of t-tans and cursed the h-ll out of the devs for scr-w-ng it up all […]

  • omaria

    smart, good att-tude, strong-willed independent and will tell you what’s on her mind. does not take mess from anyone but is very kind-hearted. stands up for herself, beautiful, curvy and loving. omaria is that girl.

  • mirielle

    mirielle is the funniest person that you might ever met in your life. kind hearted, sweet, sensitive, smart, pretty. not many people have this name so (miirielle is a very unique name ) mirielle your too funny

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