being a tegan and sara fan to the extent of twittering enough to make #sainthood a trendint topic on twitter, with the help of others who also got quinned.
a: please rt: #sainthood #teganandsara #thainthood
b: quinned!
a: …
b: okay, i’m retweeting. care to get me a copy of sainthood? :d
the act of completely obliterating someone’s previous statement by saying the word ‘ok’. even more effective than similar, ‘cool story bro’.
them: “hey dude.. i just got back from the mall with lisa. she was super fun to hang out with, and she’s exactly like me in every way you can think of.”

you: “ok.”

them: “i love you.”

you: “ok.”

to injure oneself in 5-a-side football (soccer) whilst under no pressure from the opposing team.
i quinned my ankle yesterday, won’t be able to play for a few weeks.
when one guy stalks his target man, waiting for him to bend over then when given the chance, pounces and humps his target into submission.
oh man, i was walking through a park, dropped my pen and all of a sudden some hobo quinned me. i felt so violated.
being thrown off a fire escape/ rooftop / lighthouse, etc.
why is that man splattered on the ground? he was just quinned.

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