a real n-gg-
quinnon loyal to himself and his peers

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  • yung wavy n*gg*

    a n-gg- that will steal your bish in front of you, his hair is fresh as his clothes, this n-gg- will slay your bish in front of you and then give her back after he p-ssed her down to his homies. thats what these type of n-gg-s do, try to upgrade people around them. d-mn […]

  • pidwan

    a wh-r- or sl-t willing to do almost everything u want. often unkept in appearance. i met this girl last night. she turned out to be a real pidwan she was down for anything!

  • godsnitch

    when you tell the almighty on people with no morals if you want to run for office, once you get up from under your afgan, i’m gonna godsnitch on you.

  • sing about me

    to immortalize someone’s memory through word of mouth “i’m going on deployment in syria, if i die, promise me that you’ll sing about me when i’m gone.”

  • dfwh

    stands for “don’t f-ck wit her” person 1: yo, who’s your new girl? person 2: jessica person 1: bro dfwh she has booty warts

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