quinoa mom

a relatively young mother, typically aged about 28-40, who spends a great deal of time on pinterest, pureeing their own kale and avocado baby food, wearing floppy felt hats, pacifying their children with ipads, and sheltering them from any and every hardship that may come their way (e.g. paper cuts or skinned knees).

they can often be found plying their kids (who are usually named something like mason, brody, clay, piper, or lennon) with pistachio ice cream from the local farmer’s market, shopping for a new maxi dress at anthropologie, or enjoying some avocado toast after a hot yoga session.
girl 1: “did you see the photo that jennifer posted of her kid, atticus, eating an acai bowl?”

girl 2: “i know. she’s such a quinoa mom.”

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