what do you get when you mix quirkiness with randomness…. you enter a realm known as quirkdom! the tangents are endless… it’s a conversation roller coaster, start yours today!
quirkdom conversation example – highlighting just the subjects: return of the mac…big mac…giant cats…stick insects..miniature christmas trees

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  • Quirkdorkable

    a person exhibiting extreme quirkiness, dorkiness, and adorableness. “my best friend, jen, is so quirkdorkable!”

  • Quirkly

    it’s like quirk but in a “ly” form ;)~ quirk, n. – an individual peculiarity of character; mannerism or foible~ also a pretty amazing person in the sheets outside of his/her box. d-mn that girl is mighty quirkly these days.

  • Quiroa

    wizard; epically awesome that was so quiroa!

  • quiroga

    (adj) miserable, grotesque and psychotic. person 1: what?!? they decapitated their little sister like a chicken?? person 2: yeah, it was totally quiroga.

  • QuiSandra

    where do i begin, quisandra is a beautiful spirit, she is graceful, beautiful and amazingly funny. i can’t explain how wonderful she is. i don’t know where we’d be without quisandra. i’d bang her, yep..in a non creepy way ;). everyone loves quisandra. person 1: oh dang is that quisandra, person 2: mmhm, i’d do […]

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