what chavs do after twenty minutes of any type of gainful employment.
” dis dream maccy’ds job is sh-te raz, im gonna quit! ”
to end a program.
quit aim.
quit photoshop.
quit cuteftp.
quit internet explorer.
quit raping_young_boys.jpg
quit windows.
quit reading this definition.
to stop or halt from doing an action.
quit f-cking around.
quit your whining.
/quit life
quit touching me f-g.
i’m not going to quit until i c-m.
i quit f-cking her when i found out her secret.
after 5 times, my p-n-s just quit working.

the action of taking a quick sh-t. commonly used in a situation of urgency where one needs to sh-t.

the verb “quit” is derived from the words “quick” and “sh-t”. combining the “qu” from “quick” and the “it” from “sh-t” we get the elegant word “quit”.
hang on! ill be right down, i just need to take a quit!

i’m gonna run and go take a quit, be right back!

d-mn!! that was a quit!
to try to give up
or stop doing something
but then end up doing it anyways
when a brianna and cynthia decide their going to quit smoking

someone comes along and offers a cig

they say umm.. okay

cynthia :i thought we quit???
brianna :yeah we did …

what you really want to tell your boss.
no i don’t have that report ready but i did want to tell you, i quit.
black and white trash for “divorce”.
“she done quit his -ss. she got tired of him runnin’ around with them floosies down at the bar.”

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