has a big -ss
have you seen qunique

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  • dong magnet

    a straight man who is more desired by men than women john stamos is such a dong magnet

  • carlos cordero

    the welder, also the s-xiest motherf-cker alive spends most of his time welding and working out. exsample – son :” hey mom i sore from doing pushups.” mom: ” at this rate you gonna become a carlos cordero!” guy1 : “have you seen carlos cordero?” guy2 : ” your talking about the welder right?” guy2 […]

  • click millionaire

    someone whose internet business allows him to achieve financial freedom while pursuing his p-ssion—a lifestyle of high income and zero office politics. a click millionaire is a 21st century entrepreneur who works from home or some resort island—he works less, lives more, and contributes a fair bit to society.

  • dilahxsika

    dilahxsika is a kind hearted girl and cares for everyone.she is smart and clever .she makes sure everyone in the team is involved.you may think she sounds like a nerd but actually she is not that bad looking.boys fall for her inner beauty. dilahxsika;clever clogs ‘she is a bit of a dilahxsika isn’t she!!’

  • star smuck

    an obnoxiously fanatical sifi fan with little real life. gaaawd, tyler is such a star smuck, sitting in his room playing games all day!

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