when a girl qweefs in a tortilla
my girlfriend p-ssy farted in my tortilla aka qweefidilla

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  • meerpaw

    the urine of a homeless person. it can also be referenced to the urine on the floor around a commode in a public place. me: “carson, you look rough.” carson: “it’s because this intoxicated nomad happened to throw a water bottle full of his meerpaw at me when i didn’t have spare change.”

  • deep stack

    five men, face up, stacked for their pleasure. it’s hard to fall off this pile. chris invited his 4 friends over for a tournament style, deep stack.

  • take me dont wake me

    when consenting adult partners agree in advance to allow and prefer their partner to have s-x with them while sleeping. listen babe, i’m tired and going to bed. if you get in the mood, take me don’t wake me.

  • harry shum jr

    well known for his roles as mike chang from glee, and magnus bane, from shadowhunters. also known for his recent marriage to actor shelby rabara (2015), and for his amazing ch-r-ographic skill, including; dancing, singing, acting, and otherwise. “who’s that guy who played magnus bane in shadowhunters?” “oh, that’s harry shum jr.”

  • fidgina

    skin between thumb and index finger touch my fidgina

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